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Take your yoga practice to the next level with the Pro Series yoga mat from ROCKLEOPARD.

Tough-as-you design lasts for a lifetime.
Why buy 5 mats over many years when you just need 1, like seriously, why would you?

Can be used for all workout styles - Yoga, Pilates, HIIT classes, floor routines or weight training.
Giving you maximum options, why not mix up your workouts?

Can be used with or without sneakers.
Try it out, your mat won't fade or peel, ever.

Larger than most exercise mats, measuring 15% bigger than standard mats.
Yeah baby!

Oversized and wide shape for every sequence.
You mean I'll be supported in any position - yep!

Thick, soft material cushions joints.
Finally, find comfort when needed most for your joints.

Anti-slip top and bottom layers protect you on any surface, whether wet or dry.
A vice-like grip.

Earth-friendly, emission-free manufacturing in Germany.
Better for the environment, you've made a good choice.

Support for where you are, from beginners to seasoned pros.

180 days return policy!
Yes, 6 months and no questions asked.



The Pro Series mat is only available to Continental USA addresses, currently.

If you want us to add your location to our shipping list, please email us at info@rockleopard.com

The Pro mat will be with you within 2 days max if based on the East Coast of the USA.

If located on the West Coast, allow for 3 days max.

Most deliveries are within a day or 2.

The Pro Series mat has been highly engineered and is manufactured in Germany, specifically to outlast any other yoga mat on the market.

Praised by veteran instructors and yoga studios alike. You know you are investing in a great yoga mat if experts in the community love it.

Size: 6.1ft x 2.1ft x 5.5mm -

15% bigger than standard mats so that you can stay on the surface for your flows. Thick enough to cushion your joints.

Weight: 7lbs -

Heavy enough to not move on any surface, lightweight enough to take to class or the studio.

These mats are waterproof, the closed cell surface stops water or sweat from being absorbed, repelling liquid and in turn any odors.
The mats can be used inside or outdoors and are suitable for yoga, Pilates, meditation or any gym routine you can think of.

With proper care, your mat will last a lifetime. Use a cloth and a non-toxic cleaner to gently wipe down your mat as required - be gentle around the LEOPARD's face ;-). Airing your mat out from time to time will also increase the lifespan of your mat.

The side to practice on is the side that has the LEOPARD's face facing up. This side has a proprietary diamond engraved surface for maximum grip. The reverse has a different pattern that helps to stick to any surface - carpet, hardwood or concrete floors.

Polyester with a vinyl coating on the top layer. Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials. These plant-friendly OEKO-TEX 100 compliant yoga mats don't contain any harmful chemicals, are gentle on the skin, and perfect for adults, children, and even your furry friends.

When we set out to design this mat, we created it with yogis in mind. Shortly after bringing it to market, we noticed all types of fitness folks loved it. They were using it for Pilates, HIIT classes, stretching, mobility, meditation, and more. We've even seen customers using it as a cushion when doing heavy hip thrusts in the gym.

There's a breaking in period for most yoga mats. You need to use salt rubs and sprays for a while before they're ready to use. That's frustrating when you just want to use your new mat! Well, this mat does not need to be broken in. You can literally take it out of the box and start using it that day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ben Foster
WOW, this is really great

Received my mat within a day, which was a great start, first tick.
The packaging and design is really cool, not like any other workout mat that I have bought before, it definitely stands-out and looks and feels premium, second tick.
The thickness is good, I have sore knees due to years of sports and damage to ligaments, this is thick enough to provide the support I need and not too thick that I lose balance doing certain routines, third tick.
Can tell that this will last, the top layer has a diamond engraved layer, the bottom a checked design and can say I've not slipped in any position, fourth tick.
This was more expensive than other mats I've bought before but the only other one that was of interest and a similar price point was the Manduka Pro but read that you had to use salt rubs to get the surface to stick, this doesn't need that, fifth tick.
Could go on, it is a hit.

Thanks, Ben!

Chelli Allison
Great mat

The Rockleopard mat has great thickness, great grip and a beautiful design.

Nikita Parlevliet
Great grip and look

Absolutely loveee the look of the mat but more importantly it is great for your yoga practice. I am a teacher and studio owner and this mat is super durable, has great grip and great support.
Go for it!

Nicole Best
Superb Yoga May! Excellent grip

Amazing mat!! Superb yoga mat quality. I have many different yoga mats. This one quickly became my favorite! I love the feel and texture of this mat!


This mat is AWESOME!! I have tried and used many yoga mats and this one is definitely going to be a favorite.

I love the material and the grip factor! Definitely must try.