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Pro Series Yoga Mat

These mats are waterproof, the closed cell surface stops water or sweat from being absorbed, repelling liquid and in turn any odors.
The mats can be used inside or outdoors and are suitable for yoga, Pilates, meditation or any gym routine you can think of.

With proper care, your mat will last a lifetime. Use a cloth and a non-toxic cleaner to gently wipe down your mat as required - be gentle around the LEOPARD's face ;-). Airing your mat out from time to time will also increase the lifespan of your mat.

The side to practice on is the side that has the LEOPARD's face facing up. This side has a proprietary diamond engraved surface for maximum grip. The reverse has a different pattern that helps to stick to any surface - carpet, hardwood or concrete floors.

Polyester with a vinyl coating on the top layer. Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials. These plant-friendly OEKO-TEX 100 compliant yoga mats don't contain any harmful chemicals, are gentle on the skin, and perfect for adults, children, and even your furry friends.

When we set out to design this mat, we created it with yogis in mind. Shortly after bringing it to market, we noticed all types of fitness folks loved it. They were using it for Pilates, HIIT classes, stretching, mobility, meditation, and more. We've even seen customers using it as a cushion when doing heavy hip thrusts in the gym.

There's a breaking in period for most yoga mats. You need to use salt rubs and sprays for a while before they're ready to use. That's frustrating when you just want to use your new mat! Well, this mat does not need to be broken in. You can literally take it out of the box and start using it that day.

Eco Series Yoga Mats

These mats are great for Hot Yoga as the vegan PU Leather top layer absorbs a ton of sweat and body oils, allowing you to maintain maximum grip and balance in those hot classrooms.

The top layer is made from PU leather which is vegan friendly. The bottom layer is made from natural rubber which comes from the rubber tree which is a sustainable source. These mats are recyclable and biodegradable.

The top layer is made from PU leather which absorbs sweat and body oil into the surface within 5 seconds. This in turn prevents the fluid from pooling on the top and stops the user from slipping during practice, giving you confidence that you are safe in any position.

We recommend not to wear sneakers whilst using these mats due to the top layer being on the softer side. We also recommend not to wear jewelery or lotions to prevent marking the mat surface.

Use a very mild detergent which is oil free with some lukewarm water. A ratio of 1:20 is great. Roll the mat with the practice/logo side facing out to prevent any damage.